Why PAR Formed

Professionals Amongst Referrals (PAR) was established in 2013 to provide business reciprocity and referrals amongst its members. PAR is based on the philosophy that the most effective business relationships and referral sources are developed through strong, quality personal relationships and bonds amongst its members. To aid in the development and strengthening of these personal relationships PAR regularly holds non-business networking social events and gatherings.

Our Vision

PAR is built on the framework that allows only one member per industry, business or profession so that PAR members are not competing for business with each other. PAR further distinguishes itself from other networking groups in that PAR members must be individuals of integrity, who are in a decision making capacity within their respective business or profession, and whose business can benefit from, and be a direct benefit to, the other members of PAR. PAR members must be owners or presidents, if possible, but in any event, decision makers, of their business or profession. These philosophies and core values allow PAR members to maximize their benefits from each other in their respective business and profession. PAR members recognize that the benefits from PAR are many times intangible and are derived from secondary sources. However, PAR firmly believes that years from now the individual personal successes of PAR members will reflect that a large measure will have been attributable to being a PAR member and our association together.